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 Design Process

Here is an explanation of the various stages of garden design. I can charge for each stage separately, making the whole process flexible. A full garden design and construction will inevitably involve all stages. If you are not looking for this amount of work, we can discuss your specific needs and charge accordingly.


 Initial Contact
When you contact me, I will establish some basic facts with you about your garden including what you currently use it for, and how you hope to use it in the future. It is also good at this stage to get some idea of how much you want to invest in your garden in budget terms if possible. If you can also tell me roughly how big it is, this will help me give you an indication of what can be achieved within your budget. There is no charge for this initial chat.


A face to face consultation will take up to two hours during which I will take an in-depth brief. I will be keen to know more about your own ideas for the garden, your likes, dislikes, your lifestyle and style preferences. I will steer you through this process if you are looking for ideas, and will bring images and design concepts for you look at. It is helpful if you can hold onto any photos or articles which show styles that you are interested in.

 At this stage we can assess the size and complexity of the project, which will help to inform my cost estimate. It may be necessary to involve other experts such as tree surgeons and structural engineers, which can be established at this point.

This visit will be followed up with a summary letter outlining the brief, and an estimate of the cost of your garden design and build.

Full garden survey and concept design

When you decide to proceed, my next visit will be to conduct a full garden survey including measuring levels, photographing the site, noting current shrubs and trees, soil and site analysis.

I will produce a concept design for your new garden, based on this information and your brief.

Garden Layout

When the concept design is agreed:

I will produce a full scaled and coloured plan of the design. This will also include an indication of recommended materials and feature or structural plants.

My fee includes up to 2 revisions within reason. Any further design work will thereafter incur an hourly charge.

Detailed plans 

On your approval of this plan:

I will produce detailed plans of your garden design suitable for a landscape contractor to construct your garden. This will include construction and materials details, elevations and a planting plan.

Tendering process

If looking for your landscape contractor, I am happy to manage the tendering process for you.You decide on the contractor you wish to use and contract them.

I will produce and disseminate all the required information and drawings for the contractors.

On-site monitoring

I can offer monitoring services on-site to completion of construction, should you wish. This would normally comprise of 3 visits; the first at the setting-out day, a mid-point visit and a final visit to sign off the work.


I also offer a planting service. I can supply the plants and put them in the ground for you. The advantage to this is that I can follow my planting design with sensitivity and with the knowledge of what I am trying to achieve for you.

Ongoing maintenance

I can provide general and ongoing maintenance of your garden at a frequency that suits, whether weekly, monthly or on an annual basis. Having someone look after your garden relieves the amount of work involved and allows you to sit back and enjoy the view!

Design Costs and Fees

I can give you a guide-price for the services you require after our first discussion, based on the size of garden, the nature of the work required and your budget.

Please call me to discuss your plans: 07752 626908